Casey Asperger Syndrome Support (CASS) is a community group run by volunteers.  Our funding comes mainly from membership and fundraising.

Membership gives you access to the social activity groups (which may have an additional cost), support group meetings, the CASS quarterly newsletter, regular email updates and discounts to all CASS workshops/conferences etc.

Membership is annual.


  • $25 – individual or single parent membership
  • $45 – family membership
  • $65 – institutional membership

To apply for membership, complete the form below.  The membership fee can be paid:

  • In person at a CASS activity

Membership application:

I take full responsibility for the safety and well-being of family members and friends whom I bring along to CASS activities.

By completing this form and paying the CASS Membership fee, I acknowledge that as a member of Casey Asperger Syndrome Support Inc (CASS), I will abide by the Rules of the Association and the CASS Code of Conduct at all times during CASS events and whilst using CASS online services and social media.

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Children: Please list Name, DOB, ASD (Y/N) and Gender

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I give permission for photographs to be taken of myself and my family during any CASS activity and accept that such photographs may be used for the purposes of publicity and promotion of CASS.
Note: that permission will always be confirmed before taking photos